I am Jan-Hendrik and I am about to finish my master thesis "Unsupervised 3D Reconstruction from Symmetric 2D Images" at VGG Lab in Oxford. Since I can finish my thesis remotely, I decided to move to Mexico City and learn Spanish and Salsa on the side.

In my Bachelors I studied Electrical Engineering at FAU Erlangen. In my bachelor's thesis, I worked on path planning for a mobile robot with Reinforcement Learning. Towards the end of my bachelors degree, I realized that I am more interested in the software side, so I switched to a more Computer Science heavy masters degree at TU Munich called Robotics, Cognition and Intelligence. During my masters, I mainly focused on Computer Vision. Besides my main studies, I also completed the honors degree Technology Management at CDTM which is the leading entrepreneurship program in Germany with respect to raised money per accepted student. During my study breaks, I interned at Fraunhofer Institut IIS, Siemens, Volkswagen Research and Capmo.

In my freetime, I enjoy all kinds sports and have completed several marathons.

If you want to chat shoot me an email!



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