Chiang Mai - digital nomad paradise

General information about Chiang Mai

Why is it such a great place for digital nomads?

Cost of living report

Sum of all costs

In total: 25,480 Baht per month
25,480 Baht = $780 (28/12/2017)
25,480 Baht = 650 Euro (28/12/2017)

Again the gym is totally overpriced! If you stay for three months, it gets even cheaper (rent goes down). In case you spend $1000 Dollar per month, you will live like a king.


When is good time to go to Chiang Mai?

I would avoid January till March/April. This period is called burning season. Local farmers burn their fields which causes bad air quality. Besides burning season, Chiang Mai is worth a visit all year long.

Chiang Mai as a team?

Chiang Mai is an awesome place for a team. Actually I saw quite a lot of startup teams. Go there, have fun and extend your runway!

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