Personal Blog

During my internship in New York City I realized “Dude - You need a blog!”.

What messages do I want to convey with my Blog?

Development Process

First I did some research by looking at all the blogs of my hackathon friends.

Here is a short list:

I got a rough picture what is possible and how to structure a personal website.

Finally I saw german guy on twitter who had been living in Thailand (like me right now!) before he started a job at a startup in LA. His website was just awesome - I was stunned! Then I looked at his code and everything was so clean!

“Good artists copy; great artists steal” Steve Jobs

I am still a novice developer, so I thought well copying the elements you like is okay ;-)

Version 1 was born




When I finished the first version, I was definitely proud of myself. However I quickly realized that this structure was not the right one for me. I didn’t like user flow (too complicated) and the focus was different. He designed his website to get paying clients for his freelance work. My goals are different.

Version 2 - Restart

I did some more research and started again.


This version is even more minimalistic. So far I still like it. I guess that’s an important point. If you do not like your website you probably won’t post as much.

What kind of setup do I use?

Version 3 - Static site

Recently I did some more changes under the hood. I switched from Rails to the static site generator Middleman.

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